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Well. I could be very short about this software from Waves. If you are still looking for a tool to convert your audio to another sampling rate of format, stop looking. WaveConvert Pro is it! Just as simple as that. For around $300 US you get a convertor that even works in batch. You sleep, while your Mac (or PC, for there is a Windows version too) does the work. Next morning, your freshly converted audio files are ready to deliver.

Wanna know how it works? Download the demo version. The Mac version is 1.1MB and can be found at:

The WIN-version is 1.9 MB and can be found at:

OK. That would be a little too little text for an online review. I'll tell you some more about WaveConvert Pro before you start downloading. A few highlights I liked most about this software.

First of all, let's have a look at the interface. Very clear and easy to use:

In this example, I took a 44,1 kHz stereo AIFF file, called Ups2. I tried several settings and made a preview of each of them. I choose a short preview, but you can set the previews length as short or long as you like. The second preview suited me best: the Brightness filter for RealAudio 28.8K stereo files, which converts the 44,1 kHz to a crisp sounding 11025 kHz file, ready to be encoded to the .ra-format. I also "told" WaveConvert Pro to produce a stereo file 16 bit and to apply the Maximizer. This normalizes the file to it's maximum within the digital domain, without producing distortions. Then I hit the Convert button and a few minutes later the job was done. I really took me about 15 minutes to get hold of this interface. Well done!

WaveConvert Pro is a good tool if you want to present your productions on the Net. It can post-produce your audio files and make it perfect-fit ready for RealAudio conversion. RealAudio is nice, but if you don't prepare the audio files the right way, you .ra file will sound bad. And that is not what you intended to when you planned to present your latest production on the Net. WaveConvert Pro filters your audio production in such a way that the Real Encoder produces good audio (for the RA standard anyway). In the WIN-version you even can save .ra-files directly. (We could not test that as we're Mac based.). Macromedia's Shockwave audio format is supported too.

WaveConvert Pro gives you the opportunity to make previews. This gives you good idea about the final result even before actually converting your audio files. Every preview is saved and gets a button, so you can quickly compare between several previews and the original. Good feature.

The software gives you a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing a sampling rate. This makes WaveConvert Pro a strong tool for studios that deal with multimedia productions on multiple platforms.

And how strong the simple idea: let WaveConvert Pro work together with the Waves series of plug ins. While converting your files, WaveConvert Pro now can apply the effects from the Native Power Pack (NPP) on the fly while converting your files. Another important and handy timesaver! Convert and enhance your audio files in one stroke. Another reason to get your Mac at work during sleeping hours. Not very hard to imagine what this means for the overall productions costs of your studio. When used right, this combination pays you back your $300 in notime.

Storing older audio files always takes a lot of hard disk space. Unless you compress them. Over the years, several compressors have been thrown on the market, but they almost all had a big bad habit: loss of quality. Not so with WaveConvert Pro. This software has several compression formats built in: hard disk savers and quality keepers.

At 300$ US, WaveConvert Pro is -as far as I am concerned- the best and most easy to use convertor you can buy. My advice: download the demo, give it a try. I am convinced that any audio-producer or studio-owner will want to have this software on your hard disk.

In our country (Holland) we have school ratings from 1 to 10, where 1 is very bad and 10 is excellent. I rarely do this, being quite critical about audio software quality. But for WaveConvert Pro I make an exception: I give it a

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