Specs and features of sonicWORX Studio v2.0, Prosoniq

On this page, we daiplay the features and techspecs of sonicWORX Studio 2.0, as they appear at Prosoniq's website.

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General specs.

  • no need for additional DSP hardware
  • compatible to ProTools, Cubase VST, Logic Audio
  • all-in one desktop mastering
  • full duplex capability (depends on I/O hardware)
  • high precision continuous realtime analysis tools (Analyzer, VU/DIN meter, Stereo Dotgraph Correlation)
  • Many realtime DSP processing functions (EQ, Multiband Compression, Limiting, Exciter/Subsonic)
  • Dithering with Noise Shaping
  • De-Noising, De-Clicking, De-Crackling
  • Powerful Freeform Rubberband EQ
  • supports AIFF, SDII, raw and WAV standard audio file formats
  • all standard DSP functions
  • Playback during processing
  • Parallel processing of multiple files
  • Autoload Session
  • 24-, 16- and 8bit file support
  • 96kHz editing and processing
  • support of raw audio files
  • Autosave
  • Multiple Undo stages with graphic edit history (multi-branched)
  • High Quality Time Stretch/Pitch Shift
  • PowerMac native
  • Fully non-destructive editing

Minimum system requirements.

Apple PowerMacintosh with at least PPC 601 processor running @ 100MHz, 256k 2nd level cache, 16 MBytes RAM, Audio In/Out, System 7.5.3 or higher. Apple Sound Manager 3.2 or higher.

Some of the post production plugins.

  • De-Noising
  • De-Clicking/De-Crackling
  • Pitch Shifting incl. Timbre Correction
  • Time Stretching
  • Multiband Compressing/Maximizing (realtime)
  • Limiting (realtime)
  • EQing (7band realtime or 31point rubberband linear phase EQ)
  • 31band Spectrum Analyzer (realtime)
  • Phase Meter (realtime)
  • Exciter (realtime)
  • Stereofield Expansion (realtime)


Due to sonicWORX compatibility to AIFF and SoundDesigner II file formats it is directly compatible to all major harddisk recording and sequencing software applications including

  • Digidesign ProTools¬
  • Digidesign SoundDesigner¬
  • Emagic Notator Logic¬ Audio
  • Steinberg Cubase¬ Audio/VST

and any application that supports SDII and AIFF sound files.

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