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Combined and grouped into different types of audio manipulation, sonicWORX combines traditional digital signal processing with new manipulation possibilities to give you utmost control over your audio recording. It offers all DSP functions you expect from a standard signal processing software as well as many new functions you never thought possible at the time performed completely in the digital domain. What's more, sonicWORX' flexible plug in concept makes it easily expandable growing as your needs require.

sonicWORX Studio is a powerful tool designed for post processing complete songs and audio recordings in the digital domain. Besides a professional wave editor including all the functionality you expect from an up-to-date audio editing tool featuring advanced functions as e.g. unlimited Undo/Redo*, a graphic edit history for easy viewing, auditioning and restoring all edit steps and a snapshot function for easy storing and retrieving of processed versions, sonicWORX Studio also offers advanced DSP capabilities allowing for a vast amount of different analysis and processing features some of which even run in realtime without the need of a single chip of additional hardware.


  • Compatible with ProTools®, Cubase Audio® and Notator Logic Audio® audio track files
  • Supports AIFF, Sounddesigner II and Raw file format
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo*; Snapshot and graphic Edit History functions
  • Realtime DSP: Digital Gain, 7band Graphic EQ, Exciter, 2/4band Multiband Compressor, Subsonic Processor, Stereofield Expansion, L/R-Balance, Vinyl Phase Alignment, Output Headroom, U-Matic Headroom Switch, High-Precision Dithering for crystal clear output
  • Neural De-Clicking, De-Crackling, De-Noising, De-Reverberation and Drum Processor
  • Natural Transpose function using Prosoniq's timbreWIZARD technology for transposing without Mickey-Mouse-Effect (as known from Notator Logic Audio® Time Machine II)
  • Realtime 31band graphic Analyzer, Stereo Dotgraph Correlation Display, Peak Meter
  • Direct playthrough capability for using your Mac as a realtime Analysis/DSP processing machine
  • Interrupt drawing of realtime analysis displays for fluid graphics even in the background and when holding down mouse or menus
  • Pre-Listen feature
  • Playback and recording functions through Apple Sound Manager
  • Supports AudioMedia II and III through Apple Sound Manager (Digidesign driver required)
  • Many standard DSP functions: Remove DC, Time Compression/Expansion, Pitch Shifting, Sample Rate Conversion, Natural Pitch Transpose, Equalizer, Audio Refresh, Room Processor
  • Standard editor functions: Trim, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Clear, multiple Undo & Redo, Duplicate, Insert silence, Insert/Delete Channel, Reverse, Normalize, Invert, Add, Remove DC Offset, Fade In/Out
  • Time Compression/Expansion, Pitch Shifting, Sample Rate Conversion, Pitch Transpose, Dynamics, Equalizer, Adaptive Filters, Multiband Compressor, Stereofield Expansion, Exciter
  • APEM De-Reverberation system for removing reverb even from monophonic soundfiles
  • PowerMac native
  • Snapshot feature to save the current state of a file for a later restore.
  • Signal analyzing and processing using highly specialized neural networks.
  • Full Balloon Help for all functions and algorithm parameters
  • sonicWORX Artist owners may use all Artist plug ins with this sofware (Artist version required, Artist plug ins not included).
Wave Editor Specs.
  • File formats: AIFF, AIFF-C (uncompressed), Sounddesigner II, Raw, 8-50 kHz, 8/16/24bit, single/multi channel (playback: 2)
  • Pre-Listen feature for instant DSP output control.
  • Trim, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Clear, unlimited* Undo/Redo, Duplicate, Insert silence, Insert/Delete Channel, Reverse, Normalize, Invert, Add, Remove DC Offset, Fade
  • Supports external audio hardware through Apple Sound Manager
  • Simultaneous processing of more than one file (depends on available RAM) File size is independent from RAM
    Analog and digital playback and recording (digital I/O requires additional hardware, e.g. AudioMedia II)
    Create and save your own effects presets and exchange them with other users. *) Limited by maximum capacity of hard disk.

    Minimum System Requirements.

    Apple Power Macintosh or 100% compatible system, 601 CPU, min. 8 MByte free RAM (16 MByte recommended), Audio In/Out (internal or audio card with Sound Manager driver), MacOS Version 7.5 or higher, Apple Sound Manager Version 3.1 or higher.

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