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    Absynth Sounds Volume 1,
    by Native Instruments

Absynth Sounds Volume 1

What is more difficult than to write about samples and trying to describe the "colors" and usability. We'd rather listen to them: then you get exactly what you wanna know. WYHIWYG (What You Hear Is What You Get). Agree? OK, then you will understand this review will be a short one. We've built in a NI sample player to give you an idea, and made a small production to show off some of the quality of this sample CD. For the rest: buy the CD, try the 256 new presets. And -of course- modify them as much as you like, using Absynth's parameters functions. Endless possibilities and very good quality will be the enrichment of your collection of VST instruments in your virtual studio. On both Mac and Windows platform.

When Native Instruments sent us the Sounds Volume 1 CD, first thing we did was install the stuff and listen to each and every individual sample, unmodified. We got enthusiastic about the very clean and crystal clear quality NI managed to fix into this CD. Very good. We already knew that NI is able to qualify well here from the samples that came with the mother product Absynth. This quality is continued on this first enhancement CD for Absynth. Good work.

The usability of the sounds on this CD can be great for one user, but maybe somewhat less for another. Broad layers, crystal clear chimes, artificial strings, fat bass stuff: if you like that kind of samples, this CD is a wanna have for you. If you are into as natural as possible sounding samples, maybe this CD is of less value to you. I for example get true goose pimples of as true as possible sounding strings, like the Halion series. This is not on Volume 1, which most certainly does not disqualify this product, let me be clear about that. It just points the direction to what kind of very usable samples you will get when you buy this CD.

As said: sounds say more than a thousand words. Let the product speak for itself:
online Absynth sounds Volume 1 preview.

Just to give you an idea of the possibilities of the samples on this CD, we made a small sample production, containing only sounds from the CD. Except for the drum track, which was generated with NI Battery. We did not take care much about composition, but focused more on letting you hear some of the characteristics of the sounds you will find on this NI samples CD. Of course there is much more: it's up to you to discover and modify. This is what Absynth -reviewed earlier in this website- is good at.

absynth_sv1_review.mp3 (1 MB).

We did a second sample production, using more of the wild stuff from this CD. All sounds are from the CD, except for the rhythm track which is produced with NI Battery.

absynth_sv1_review2.mp3 (1 MB).


Absynth Sounds Volume 1 is high standard quality, crystal clear sample stuff, and very usable in many productions and musical styles, but not all. Do not expect full natural sounding representations of real life instruments, though some of them get pretty close I must say. Reproduction of real life instruments was not the goal of this CD. But do expect 256 very challenging samples, that can put some extra quality and sparkling life into your music. This CD gets a
8.5 rating out of 10. Er are very curious what CD number 2 (at least we hope this will come someday) will bring us.

More detailed product info can be found at the website of Native Instruments.

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