Upgrade for Mantage (08-06-2003)
Arboretum has released an upgrade for Montage v1.0, reviewed in AudioMac. The new version 1.1.1, that contains new features and bug fixes, is free for registered v1.0 users. More info here.

Celemony releases Melodyne v1.5.2 for Mac and PC (22-04-2003)
Celemony today released version 1.5.2 of Melodyne, of which an earlier version was reviewed here. The new version runs on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and supports a wide range of audio hardware (including compatibility with the latest drivers for Hammerfall and MOTU devices). The update is free for registered users. More info can be found at:

Ableton release Live 2.0.3 update (15-03-2003).
Ableton today released Live 2.0.3, an update that fixes bugs occuring in v2.0. The updates apply to Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows version. Registered users can download the update for free at

NTONYX grants unique preview (08-03-2003).

* Alexei Ustinov, founder of NTONYX, demonstrates the Onyx Arranger 1.0 preliminary beta on one of the test machines of

Alexei Ustinov, both founder of and audio/technical brain behind the Russian software company NTONYX, today visited the testlab of in the Netherlands. NTONYX, based at Novosibirsk in Siberia, is getting more and more well known for it's unique midi manipulation and morphing technologies running on the Windows platform. The company got many positive reactions at Frankfurt Musik Messe. Ustinov offered an unique opportunity to look in detail at a preliminary beta version of the newest product of NTONYX: the Onyx Arranger 1.0. This package which will come out in beta in april, and will be released in may. From what we have seen and heard today during the demo Ustinov gave us, we expect a little revolution in midi composing. A development, that production companies and professional composers will be very interested in. In the upcoming period, will dive into this new software, and write a report on the results within a sort time. So come back in about two weeks for this item: you do not want to miss this when you're serious about midi. By the way: Ustinov told us that his company is thinking of bringing it's software to the Mac platform as well, but no decision has been taken yet.
More info and a general overview of what Onyx Arranger will offer can be found at: or

Native Instruments announces Absynth 2.0 (07-03-2003).
Native Instruments announced version 2.0 of Absynth: a combination of synthesizer and sampler, filled with a huge list of features according to the spcs. ABSYNTH 2.0 breaks through all the barriers of conventional synthesizers and paves the way for the future of sound synthesis, so NI claims. The flexibility in sound shaping and design is unprecedented and designed tom produce an enormous and vivid sound spectrum. The combination of multiple synthesis techniques, granular sampling, and flexible envelope control generates everything from organic textures to rhythmic loops, from time-evolving soundscapes to vintage sounds. ABSYNTH 2.0 includes more than 800 evocative, expressive, and musical presets that cover an astonishing range of sonic territory. The new version will run under OS X too, and will be availble in May 2003.
More info at Native Instrument's website.

NTONYX releases Onyx Arranger 1.0 for Windows (05-03-2003).
NTONYX, based at Novosibirsk Russia, announces it's flagship Onyx Arranger 1.0. NTONYX developped revolutionairy midi techniques to bring more life and expression into midi productions. In the Arranger, three of these techniques are combined:
* Musical Object Morphing (MOM) technology,
* Intelligent Auto-Harmony (IAH),
* Performance Modeling (PM).
Each of these technologies is a result of a number of years of research and development by leading researchers in the field of computer music. The combination of the three makes -according to the supplier- "Onyx Arranger 1.0 unique and powerful with features never before available". The product will be available end of may. A demo will be available next april. Product info is available at:

PSP releases OS X version of VintageWarmer (05-03-2003).
The Polish company PSP AudioWare released version 1.5 of VintageWarmer, of which version 1.0 was reviewed in this site. The new version is compatible with CoreAudio under OS X, but is available for the "good old" OS9 as well. New in this version, available as a free download for registered users at PSP's website:
* Constant DC remove filter 12dB/oct tuned to -3dB @ 15Hz. The filter is located at the input of a processing path of the plug-in. A Dry signal is not affected.
* Double precision floating point computations (64 bits) in all processing stages to improve ultra quite error free filters.
* Graphical memory leakage bug solved.
* All platforms now have the same processing engine and the same version number.

Emagic ships Logic 6 (20-02-2003).
Today, Emagic started the shipping of Logic 6 to international distributors and specialist suppliers. Logic 6will be available in the stores about a week from now. If you cannot wait: more info can be found at the special MicroSite at

Prosoniq releases OS X versions of plug ins (12-02-2003).

Prosoniq today announced the release of the MacOS X version of their VST plug ins Ambisone, Dynasone,VoxCiter, Roomulator, Magenta and the VST PlugIn Bundle. Version 2 of these plug ins is now available for download from the Updates page on Prosoniq's website site for registered users at no extra cost. The version 2 archives of the plug ins contain a MacOS 9.x and MacOS X installer to make sure the user is free to decide when to switch to Apple's new operating system.
Also, version 1.1 was released of Neuron OS version for the Neuron synthesizer, P:rosoniq developoped with Hartrmann. The new version comes with an optimized renedering engine for better performance, improved polyphony and several important bug fixes.
Prosoniq decided not to port their plug ins to AudioUnits, the new OS X plug in format by Emagic. Prosoniq says it would be too much effort for a too small demand, and will continue supporting VST. Prosoniq says it's not as decision forever: if demands for AU versions of their plug ins are high enough, Prosoniq will reconsider.

KONTAKT v1.2 update and Direct from Disk extension available.
Native Instruments today released an update of KONTAKT to version v1.2 update. Also, the Direct from Disk extension is released. KONTAKT 1.2 comes with many new functions such as a release trigger for triggering groups by releasing notes as well as a key and controller activator for group activation either by keyboard commands or via a Midi controller. The KONTAKT 1.2 update also comes with a Round and Random Robbin function for consecutive cycling through groups upon
keystrokes or for random cycling through groups for playback as well as with DXi 2.0 support and much more. The separately available Direct from Disk extension enables KONTAKT to play samples directly from the hard drive. Sample size will no longer be limited by the amount of physical RAM - an instrument can be as large as available hard drive space. All KONTAKT instruments will load many times faster than RAM-based instruments. The Direct from Disk extension requires the update to KONTAKT 1.2.

Apple opens online music store (21-01-2003)
At last, Apple takes the right road when it comes to audio on their machines. At, recently an online store for audio software was added. Click the link "Music & Audio". The product line is not huge, but it's a beginning!

Emagic announces several new bundles (18-01-2003)
At NAMM, Emagic announced several new bundles. New is The Emagic Synth Collection which includes three multiple award-winning software: the ES2, the EVOC20 and the ES1. Another new bundle is the Emagic Vintage Collection with Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner electric pianos, Hohner Clavinet and the legendary B3. Emagic announced further more the TDM Collection, which combines three sought-after Emagic software products in one comprehensive package: ESB TDM, HostTDM Enabler and PTHD Extension. Besides all that, Emagic also introduces the EMI 6|2 m Gold Production Kit: The All-In-One Recording Solution. The kit contains a bundle of six complete Emagic products in one package: the EMI 6|2 m USB/Hub/MIDIinterface, the award winning Logic Gold 5 recording software and the Emagic instruments EVB3, EVP88, EXSP24 plus the Xtreme Digital Sample Library. More info at Emagic's website.

Sonic Foundry announces Vegas 4 and Vegas + DVD (17-01-2003)
Sonic Foundry today announced Vegas 4, a major upograde from Vegas Video 3. Version 4 is enhanced with a lot of new features. But maybe the most important is the upcoming release of Vergas+DVD, which supports DVD authoring. Vegas+DVD is an integrated set of applications that includes Vegas 4.0, DVD Architect(tm) - SF's new DVD authoring tool - and a Dolby ® Digital AC-3 Encoder for 5.1 surround or stereo AC-3 encoding. More info on the suppliers website.

Native Instruments announces several new stuff (17-01-2003)
Native Instruments bombed our press mailbox with several new stuff today. A new vocoder called Vokator, REAKTOR Session, an entry to the world of REAKTOR, a major update of REAKTOR itself to REAKTOR 4, a streamlined sampler KOMPAKT, and also INTAKT, a sampler specifically designed for rhythmic loop playback, manipulation, and mayhem. All links presented here will bring you to pages on the suppliers website, containing detailed info on the mentioned products.

Emagic announces Logic 6 (17-01-2003)
At NAMM, Emagic has announced version 6 of Logic. This upgrade has a lot of new stuff on board. You can read all about it at:

MacOS X Versions of Prosoniq Products to Be Available After NAMM (06-01-2003)
Prosoniq announces that a MacOS X version of all VST PlugIns is to be available shortly after NAMM. The OS X ready VST PlugIns will be available to all registered users as a free download from the Prosoniq updates page. Prosoniq will make available more of their products under MacOS X in the coming weeks. This includes the classic and new products for Digidesign Real-Time Audio Suite as well as the rest of the VST product line. A native MacOS X version of the sonicWORX product line is also being worked on.

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