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Not only read about new software, now listen to the new stuff as well.
One sound tells more than a thousand words.
This feature is available in the online reviews of NI Absynth, NI FM 7 and NI Kontakt v1.1.

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Running into the difficult task of choosing the best audio card for your situation?
Here is a page that might help you. We found it at, and it's their copyright of course.

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Suppliers covered in this website has online reviews of these fine suppliers in this website, or has close contacts with them about the newest developments. A click on one of the logo's will bring you to the index of the online reviews of that company, or -if no reviews are present- to the companies website.

We give extra attention to the Russian company NTONYX, based at Novosibirsk, for their very innovative midi modeling technology (PC). Have a look at

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