Online Reviews: Windows

Live 2.0 (Mac and PC)
Live v1.1, audio sequencer (Mac and PC), now including 1.5 Addendum

Melodyne Studio Edition v1.1

Logic Audio Platinum 5 (+ 5.2 info) and
EMI 2|6 Multichanel Interface, by Emagic (Mac and PC)

EXSP24 software instrument for VST 2.0 applications (Mac and PC)
EXS24 sample payer/editor for Logic Audio (Mac and PC)

EVP Vintage Piano instrument for Logic Audio (Mac and PC)

Absynth Sounds Volume 1 (Mac and PC)
Kontakt v1.1
(Mac and PC)
FM7 Sounds CD Volume 1
Studio Drums sample kit for Battery (Mac and PC)
FM7 VST intsrument (Mac and PC), including online preview of sounds and patches)
Absynth v1.2 (Mac and PC) and Battery v1.01 (Mac and PC), including online preview of sounds and patches for Absynth

PSP 84 (Mac and PC)
Lexicon PSP 42 (Mac and PC)
VintageWarmer (Mac and PC)

CD Architect 5 (PC)
Acid Pro 4
Addendum: SoundForge 6
Vegas Video 3
Acid Music 3.0
Vegas Audio/Video (version 2)
SoundForge 5.0
Vegas Pro
Sound Forge 4.5 Pro Studio Edition

Halion String Edition (Mac OS9, OS X and PC)

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