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Stable Studio History.

The StableStudio was founded in march 1972 as a result of brainstorming of two guys with bright ideas. The first one was Arnie Treffers, a Dutch rock & roll singer who made fame with his band Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers in the 70's. Unfortunately, Arnie died not so long ago: august 1995.

The second one was the present managing director/sound engineer of StableStudio, Roel Toering, who ran a coffeeshop in Arnhem, Netherlands, in '72. At that time, a coffeeshop still was what the name says: a place to drink coffee, not a place to swallow drugs as is the situation today.

StableStudio started in small building right in the middle of the roaring hart of Arnhem city, which was at that time a realy moving and booming rock & roll town. StableStudio started with 2 REVOX A77 taperecorders and a mixing table made by Multitone. Remember them good old 2-track machines...?

In 1976 StableStudio made a -for that time- giant leap to 8 track recording on a OTARI MX 5050 1/2 inch machine. StableStudio recorded many, many bands and had -among others- several hits with Arny Treffer's band. It is just pure coincidence that the present twisted brain behind eCompany (me...) happened to do some recordings in that same studio at that time. Not very noteworthy to all of you, but nice to remember for me. Oh yes.... no hits... hmmm.

In 1979 the studio in the city's heart became too small and Roel asked the British architect Eddy Veale to design a brandnew studio in a bunch of old buildings Roel had bought somewhere else in Arnhem. In fact: that bunch of stones and brooken wood and windows used to be a stable in it's more glorious days. Finaly, the name StableStudio was made effectively true by the building it was to become located in. Managed by Dick Swaneveld of Cadac Holland, the studio became a peace of pure efficiency, combined with a livigroom atmosphere. A perfect place to bring your musical ideas to life. Today, StableStudio even has small hotel-accommodation (max 5 musicians), including breakfast. At the opening in 1980, Roel also renewded equipment by installing an OTARI MTR 90 multitracker.

In 1989 StableStudio started using computers for midi-sequencing and harddisk digital recording and editing. Running OSC's Deck II and DigiDesign's software on the Macintosh platform, StableStudio today is a state of the art equiped studio. StableStudio produced the last 6 years many CD's for groups, companies, library- and stock music, AV-productions and what have you more.
Many wellkown bands, musicians and singers worked in StableStudio: PowerPlay, The Scene, Trockener Kecks, Claw Boys Claw, Vitesse, Lee Towers, Bennet & Bee, Maarten Peters... anyway, the list is too long to be shown here in it's full length.

Stable Studio Today.

Today, StableStudio is a 24-track fully equiped recording studio with 24 tracks DBX noise reduction, 2 SONY DAT machines, several sequencers and synchronizers and a brandnew Marantz CDR recorder. With this machine, StableStudio can produce Audio-CD's totally in-house.

Imagine what you can do at StableStudio, all by yourself or together with a bunch of realy good composers that work together with StableStudio

  • making your own playback audio-CD and use in on tour
  • small amounts of promotional audio-CD's for your company
  • put radio jingle's on an audio-CD
  • archive your bands best tapes on an audio-CD

You name it, StableStudio can do it. As off the first of october 1995, StableStudio works with the eCompany group, formed by a bunch of multimedia-explorers. Of course that is the reason eCompany gives Roel so much free publicity overhere. Oh what the hack, the studio is worth
the effort!

StableStudio doe not only "do" audio-CD: they duplicate cassette-tapes on AKAI and NAKAMICHI-machines in no-time. In fact: almost anything you can image with audio can be done at Stable's!

In the history-chapter above, we already told you something about the accommo-dation, StableStudio provides. Here is the complete list:

  • 30 square meters of studio floor
  • 25 square meters of recording and editing equipment
  • a livingroom like, comfortable place to relax, to be used when
    you cannot distinguish a flat C cord from a F minor any longer
  • a kitchen where you can prepare small meals
  • an allways full large coolmachine, stacked with drinks (grab as
    much as you like!)
  • small hotel accommodation for 5 people, including breakfast
    (not in bed by the way...).

StableStudio is -as told- located in a former stable housing, but still at a very short walk of the city's hart. When taking a long session at StableStudio's, Roel will take you to the best small restaurants of Arnhem for a good and renewing meal. Isn't that nice?

Stable Studio Technical.

StableStudio is equiped with the best machinery you can buy for studios today. Here is what we can offer you:


  • Otari MTR 90 24 tracks (analog)
  • Telefunken M 12 masterrecorder (analog)
  • Telefunken M 28 masterrecorder (analog)
  • Revox A 77 slave recorder (analog)
  • Akai HXA-3 Cassettedecks 10 machines (analog)
  • Nakamichi BX-100E Casettedecks 10 machines (analog)
  • Harddiskrecording on Macintosh (digital)
  • CDR recording on Marantz (digital)
  • Sony DTC 1000ES DAT recorder (digital)
  • Sequencer recording Atari Mega4 (digital)

    StableStudio has 2 Sony DAT-recorders, modified, so we can master digitally on 44.1 Khz and deliver you a completely ready-made master tape.

    Mixing table:
  • Soundcraft Series Two, 28-8-24

The Soundcraft table is modifed and has RAM memory. This RAM memory has 4 banks, which can hold 100 memory-places each. Through SMPTE/MIDI we can provide every chanel with mutes in any thinkable combination.


  • DBX 158 - 24 tracks noise-delimiter.


  • RCF SCD 6000, build into monitoring wall.
  • Yamaha NS 10 (nearfield)
  • Auratones (nearfield)


  • Marantz Model 250 powertrap

Additional equipment:

  • Eventide H3000 SE Ultra Harmonizer
  • Roland SDE 1000 Delay
  • Roland SDE 2000 Delay
  • Roland SRV 2000 Reverb
  • Roland DEP 5 Reverb/Delay/Effects
  • Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb
  • Custom build ReverbPlate
  • Audio & Design F 700 RS Compressor/Limitor
  • DBX 166 Compressor/Limitor
  • Rebis RA 203 Compressor/Limitor
  • Rebis RA 201 Noise Gate/Expander
  • Roger Mayer RM 68 Gate/Expander (2x)
  • TC Electronics 1140 Parametric Eq. (2x)
  • 2 times 12 bands graphic Eq. (2 ch. unit)
  • 1 time 10 bands graphic Eq. (2 ch. unit)
  • Rebis RA 204 parametric Eq.
  • BBE 822 Sound Maximizer
  • Orban Parasound 516 EC De-esser
  • Symetrix 511 Noise Reduction single ended
  • DNL Noise Reduction single ended


  • RTL Event SMPTE/MIDI synchronyzer
  • Kahler Human Clock
  • Roland SBX 80 Sync Box
  • Sync-Link (for Macintosh)


  • RCF SA1 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Akai 612 Sampler
  • Atari Mega ST4 Computers + Sequencer Software
  • EMU Proformance 1+ piano module
  • Kawai model 2000 digital piano


  • Marantz CDR 1 Compact Disc Recorder
  • HARDDISK RECORDING on Macintosh II (accelerated 68030
    met 40Mhz FPU) with Audio Media II of Digidesign + ProMaster
    20 hard-& software for mastering. We have all plug-ins of WAVES.
  • DECK 2.5.2 digital recording software
  • Several midi sequencing software.
  • G3 and G4 Macintosh 24-track digital recording with Deck
    2.5.2 on several multi-GigaByte harddisks.


  • A good collection of the best microphones, a total of about 35:
    Neumann, Sennheisser, AKG, Beyer, Calrec, MB and Wahren-
    brock PZM. We have condensators as well as dynamic type
    microphones of several types.


  • We use BASF 911 Studiomaster for 2 en 1/4 inch analoge tapes.
  • We use MBM tapes for DAT digitaal and cassettes.

StableStudio Pricing.

Here is the pricing policy of StableStudio:

  • Studio dayprice: 410,-- Euro
  • Multitrack 2 inch: 140,-- Euro
  • 1/4 inch tape: 25,-- Euro
  • DAT tape: 10,-- Euro
  • Cassettes: depends on amount and streetprices of tape.

A one night stand (eh.... sorry....stay) in our small but nice sleeping accomodation will cost you 25,-- per person (for 5 persons max.), including simple breakfast.

All prices are in Euro. Taxes not included.

You can reach StableStudio by phone: (0)31-(0)26-4423350 and via email.

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