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AudioMac.net is supported by a group of studios, joined together in eCompany AudioGroup. It's a group of studios, composers, audiofacility companies, audio production companies and CD producers. The group has members in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Mexico.

Stable Studio

Live-recording analoog and digital (harddisk-recording), audio-facilities, digital audio-editing, historical audio-reconstruction, audio-education, audio for multimedia productions. Based at Arnhem, Netherlands. Owner: Roel Toering.
StableStudio history and technical information.
You can reach StableStudio by phone: (0)31-(0)26-4423350 and on CompuServe.

StableStudio history and technical information.

BloWe Studio

Main activity: audio restauration. Also: midi-composition, harddisk-recording, pre-studio-production, audio-base, theme-audio. Macintosh-specialisme on audio/midi, midi-education. More then 1.000 unique composed musics for commercials, film, radio. Based at Duiven, Netherlands. Owner Peter J. Bloemendaal.
You can reach BloWeStudios by email and by phone: (0)31-(0)316-265051.

BloweStudio history and technical information.

Big Bang Productions

Music composing and audio/midi/harddisk-recording. Music project-development. Hightech recording studio and music composition unit, based at Arnhem, Netherlands. Owner: Nico Verrips.
You can reach BigBang Productions by email and phone: (0)31-(0)26-4422355.

Charts Produktionen

Recording studio and CD production company. Based at Bermel, near Bonn, Germany. Owners: Conny Oho and Enzo Lorenzo.
You can reach Chart Musikproduktionen by email and by phone: (0)49-(0)2657-1648.


Frank Wolfraum
Digital Sound Studio
Bahnhofstrasse 101
21279 Hollenstedt
Phone: +49 (0)4165-224943
Fax: +49(0)4165-224944
EMail: dssmusic@aol.com
Website: http://www.digitalsoundstudio.de/

Music & Images Belgium

Audio- and multimedia-productions, djingles for radio and television. Based at Brussels, Belgium. Owner: Annemie Hendriks.
You can reach Music & Images by email and by phone: (0)32-22 456 123.

Music & Images Mexico

Sound-effects, djingles for radio and television, audio-database. Based at Torreon, Mexico. Owner: Peter van Es.
Efectos de Sonido, djingles para Radio y Television, Librerias de Musica. Studio: Torreon, Mexico. Director: Peter van Es.
S.A. DE C.V. Lirios 386 Col. Torreón Jardín,
Torreón, Coahuila,
Tel./Fax: (17) 13-52-25 y 13-81-03.
eMail: peter@music-images.com
WebSite of Music & Images, Mexico.

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