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You're looking at the AudioMac pages, a site dedicated to digital audio recording and post production on the Macintosh platform.

Most people do not know that Apple computers make great and complete digital studio's, when equipped with the right software. In fact, no additional hardware is required to reach a near professional level for a start. The faster Macs like G3 or G4 are convenient, and you can expand these machines with dedicated audio card hardware to steam up to an even more professional level. If your budget is somewhat lower, an older PowerMac will do the job too, with some limitations in speed of course. That is why we do all our testing on both a 9500/200 and a G4/500 PowerMac. This way we cover lower end and fast Macs.

AudioMac.net tells you about the best software for hard disk recording and post production on Macs. We test software in our studios during real time production for several weeks, and only then we write an online review on AudioMac. By following this procedure, we get to know the software very well, so we can inform you the best way.

We do not review each and every software that might come in. We invite software producers to send in a certain package that draws our attention. For that purpose, we visit the Musik Messe at Frankfurt (Germany) every year. If on the next Messe you see a guy way over 6 feet (2 meters) sniffing around in the audio software booths, big chance that's me ;-) .

So, in this site, you can read online reviews of professional digital audio software on the Macintosh platform. And since the first of June 2000 on the Windows platform as well.

Besides online reviews, we offer you usefull info on digital audio recording on Mac, aimed at the semiprofessional and professional level. Plus a list of links to all major suppliers in the digital audio industry.

Users of the more hobby like software (freeware and shareware etc.) better find info elsewhere, or -even better- turn to the professional but affordable software level you find reviews on in this site. It will bring your hobby results to unbelievable levels.

We test the software intensively by using it in real time production. It is like driving a car: you would only get to know it's quality and behavior really well when you take it for a several weeks test drive. That is exactly what we do when software producers send in a product for reviewing.

Complex products like complete integrated production environments are put to the test for an even longer period of time. We review no earlier then having tested top to bottom in a real time production.

We only test final products that are on the shelves, no prototypes or beta releases.

We wish to underline that we have no bounding with the suppliers mentioned in this site what so ever. If bad things in software are found, they will be mentioned! We rate the software the Dutch way, from 1 to 10 in steps of 1, where a 1 is very bad, and a 10 is excellent.

We hope you find the info in this site informative and a guide to happy digital audio recording and post production on Mac. Come back from time to time to find out about new reviews. And best of all: it's totally free.

AudioMac is on the World Wide Web since 01-02-1996.

About AudioWin.

The AudioWin section in this site was added in may 2000 after the Music Messe Frankfurt in April that year. We discovered software that meets the high level standards we got used to on Mac, so we had a closer look at the two button moused musician. For AudioWin we test with the same high standards and qualities as we do for Mac software.

All reviews in AudioMac.net are written by Peter J. Bloemendaal. All rights reserved.

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